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The students' section is designed to give you a series of in-depth, exciting and informative pages on student life at Gillotts. It will focus not only on our six houses, Athena, Brigantia, Zephyrus, Morrigan, Itzamna and Calliope but on the often amazing achievments of our students.

School Houses:








Morrigan has a rich mix of individuals, each of whom has at least one special gift or talent that contributes to our success.We have an outstanding team of Student Leaders who lead by example, challenging other Morrigans but supporting them at the same time. Our tutor team are learning managers, which means they also support and challenge, to help ALL Morrigans not just to live and grow, but to flourish – so that when they leave Gillotts, they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to thrive in the future.

The Celtic goddess, Morrigan, was a warrior, hence the sword on our shield which represents both our competitive spirit and the fact that we battle to achieve our best.

Morrigan is a winning House: you only need to look at the number of Morrigans who successfully gained early GCSEs in English and Maths last year, or the results of so many inter-House competitions (sporting or otherwise), or the Morrigan talent on show in School sports teams, or on the stage, or involved in assemblies.

Morrigans know they have a right to be proud, but they also know that being a Morrigan brings responsibility to be a positive role model for the rest of the Gillotts community. As I walk around the School, I see so many examples of this happening, which makes me feel especially proud to be Head of Morrigan.

Head of House

Head of House

Mr Ryan Jansen

Telephone: 01491 636823




M stands for Morrigan. It is drawn in Celtic knotwork style as Morrigan was a Celtic goddess. Growing in its own unique direction, each tendril on these green vines represents an individual in Morrigan. All vines stem from Morrigan: with its common values and support, Morrigan provides nourishment to help individuals to live, grow and flourish. Everybody in Morrigan has the same opportunities. The yellow House colour background represents the sun, which provides energy for individuals to live, grow and flourish. Morrigan was a warrior, and the sword represents our competitive spirit and the fact that we battle to achieve our best.

Key Words


House Motto

‘Vivamus Crescamus Floreamus’. Meaning ‘May we live, grow and flourish’, the Morrigan motto ties in with the images on the shield and encourages everybody in Morrigan to strive to be their very best, in their unique special way. The use of Latin shows longevity / stability and the Morrigan motto works very well alongside the Gillotts School motto (Non Nobis Solum) to reinforce the community spirit: ‘Not by ourselves alone may we live, grow and flourish’.


Winners – Inter-House cup for Attitude to Learning, 2005-6.
Winners - Inter-House Glider Competition, September 2006.
Winners – Inter-House Quiz, October 2006.
Winners – Y7 Promoting Henley CPHE Day, November 2006.
Winners – Y9 Recycled Fashion Show, February 2007.
Morrigan of the Year 2006-7: Kane Small (7MAPC).
Morrigan Contribution to the Community 2006-7: Sarah Carter (10MAD).
Morrigan Progress of the Year 2006-7: Michael Plumridge (10MAD).
Winners – Inter-House Quiz, November 2007.



Chiltern Centre for the Disabled


Mrs SpiersTelephone: 01491 636823


House Tutors

Mrs James MMJ
Mr Quach MCQ
Miss Scullion MSKS
Miss James MLJ
Miss Chapman MFC
Mr Nash MTN
Mme White MJAW